31 March 2015

The Amazing Ascension Cafe ~

One of my all-time favorite Tucson restaurants has a name that may scare people off: Food for Ascension Cafe. Well the name speaks volumes about the experience you will have there. It is totally wonderful and you will feel sublime after a meal there! Please click this link to their website so that you can see their amazing food photos. It is all plant-based but don't think that means dull. It's delicious and they have killer desserts! YUM!

1 comment:

  1. How amazing this place is on the web and must be in person: those food pictures are awesome!! I've been meandering all over their website and also to several of the many sites that tie into this plant-based restaurant...the EcoVillage down by Tumacacori looks just like a hobbit shire!! The restaurant's name IS a bit unusual, but I think it has to do with the spiritual linking of food and sustainable eating habits. Maybe. The food looks very yummy, no matter the name on the wall!