16 September 2015

A Southwest Welcome ~

The other day I posted info about Mina, an entrepreneur who runs a Tucson roadside stand that sells ristras. Today you can see two examples of Mina's handiwork. Fall is here! And yes, the ribbon has dog paw prints on it. That was not Mina's doing; it was mine. (:


  1. You've created a lovely, restful southwestern yard - I can imagine your windchime has a deep rhythmic clang and the ristras rustle in the breezes! Love the pawprints on the ristra ribbon! Oh, and when I first opened the Post, I thought you were showing another totem pole in another yard, but it turns out to be your own personal Totem Post Post! Welcome Fall!! :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your nice comments! In addition to that Arcosanti bell at my front door, I have about a half dozen wind chimes hung in between my totem poles. It always sounds so nice when the breeze catches them. (:

    1. Oh goodness, did you visit Arcosanti to get that bell? I never did get to visit there, but the whole idea of building an eco-friendly place is so interesting. Speaking of bells, you know about the Ben's Bells that are created and placed around Tucson? My dear friend in Tucson did find one near her home at Swan/Craycroft. They are a "spread the kindness" work of love.

  3. Yes! I have been to Arcosanti a few times. It is a very interesting place! And I, too, found a Ben's Bell a few years ago. I have it hanging on my patio outside my office window. It was magical to find it. I posted the photo of where I found it on April 1, 2011.