10 September 2015

Throwback Thursday ~


Here is the post photo from 6 years ago on this day. We are having the same kind of storms right now so this far east side landscape and sky photo is quite accurate and contemporary. Here's the posting:

I was struck by the unusual light. To me this photo looks like a staged tableau with the middle saguaro seemingly gesturing about the coming storm.

This is the entrance to the Tanque Verde Ranch ~ one of the last great dude ranches and a highly rated resort destination.


  1. beautiful moody sky. Looks like a stage set.

  2. Ha! I always enjoy putting human emotions on Saguaro gestures and you've done it really well here...that middle one looks like he's trying to get the group to see this awesome sky and the two on the right, taller but not older, are staring hard and wishing they had arms too. :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth! You are right - there are many expressive saguaros in and around Tucson. I have posted a few others on the site - a "couple" dancing, a gunslinger, and a ballerina. Maybe others that have slipped my mind. They are FUN!