02 September 2015

Nature's Quirky Mysteries!

In my front yard right now my beautiful white bougainvillea is in full bloom. We had an amazing storm with plenty of wind that howled all night long so when I was assessing the debris damage I was not surprised to see that my bougainvillea had trapped some pink petals. When I reached to remove the strays I saw that the pink was not loose: this bloom on my plant was actually two-toned pink and white! This plant doesn't really have petals, per se. The "blooms" are modified leaves called bracts. Anyway, my plant has just one two-toned bract. Isn't that odd? 


  1. I'm not a botanist but I have to agree that IS odd. It looks like the pink petal was dipped in bleach.

  2. A genetic surprise, following a monstrous monsoon - any correlation?! It's a beautiful conundrum (always wanted to use that word in a sentence, ha!)l! And I commend you for reaching into the bougainvillea bush, amongst all those lethal spiky thorns!!

  3. It's the Navajo who intentionally weave a "mistake" in their rugs to allow God's spirit to move in and out. I think of that now when I look at my one pink bract!

    1. This is a perfect explanation for the pink bract! It speaks of the southwest and the peoples who have understood the desert for so many lifetimes. Thanks for sharing :-)