18 September 2015

Quail Trail ~

Oro Valley's Naranja Park has just unveiled this wonderful sculpture of a happy family of quail headed for a fun day of activities in the 213-acre parcel. Soccer, skateboarding, sunbathing, kite flying....! I just love public art and this project is especially fun because it was constructed by students who were mentored by two local artists. Fun!

Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.


  1. Oh, I MUST comment on this wonderful piece of art sculpture!! It is inspired whimsy, perfectly formed and makes me smile and laugh...Daddy Quail with his foot on the soccer ball, all the way back to the smallest in her two-piece swimsuit...so many, many nuances and expressions!! Thank you SO much Susan, for sending this to TDP so we can all enjoy it :-)

  2. You're very welcome. This was just installed recently and I thought it was so cute. Oro Valley requires public art at all new businesses...so its everywhere.