14 September 2015

Roadside Ristras ~ Fall is here!

Hello again to Mina! Five years ago I met her when she was selling her beautiful hand-strung ristras at Speedway and Houghton. She was the sixth person to be added to "Team Tucson" - people who help make Tucson a great place to live. Here she is again and now her chili ristras stand is on Sabino Canyon Road just north of Wrightstown Road.

Mina and her husband Jorge make ristras and Guacima tree wooden furniture. Mina's daughter now works the location at Speedway and Houghton. If you stop at Mina's stand, please tell her you heard about her beautiful ristras on TucsonDailyPhoto! Here are two phone numbers for their business: 520.551-2862 and 520.302-2162. As you decorate your home for fall, consider buying your ristras from this family business!   

1 comment:

  1. I will look for this stand! I would like to support a local business.