21 August 2009

Tucson Trickster - Mr Coyote

Many Native American cultures describe the coyote as a trickster - clever and smart. It is quite common to see coyotes venture into populated areas in Tucson. This handsome fellow was trotting through Ft Lowell Park, a beautiful park rich with history:


For more info on the intriquing coyote, INCLUDING listening to the coyote, click here:http://www.desertmuseum.org/kids/oz/long-fact-sheets/coyote.php
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.


  1. Great photo of this fine fellow. We here in UK do not have either him or the wolf either, pity really.

  2. Oh these creatures are a wonderful part of our landscape. My dogs go CRAZY when we're walking and they see a coyote.