14 August 2009

Tucson's Blood Sport ~ Mr Be-header

You would never guess that the venerable Bookmans Bookstore in Tucson has a dungeon entrance in the east parking lot. Guarding the steel loading dock door is a 24-hour security guard: Mr. Be-header. He's ready for action with not only his trusty axe to separate your head from your body, but he can also use his sword on you. The wheelbarrow of hay worries me a bit - isn't it quite close to that flaming torch mounted on the wall?

Mr. Be-header is another one of the fantasy murals that decorate the walls of this great bookstore (used and new books plus so much more). In July I posted the "Dragon Slayer" and still coming up are "Damsel in Distress," "Evil Queen," "Venus de Milo's Sister," and "Pirate Ship." Bookmans staffers tell me that all of the mural characters have been given pet names. Mr. Be-header's nickname is "Dick"(He was named after a former U.S. Vice President).

Bookmanshttp://www.bookmans.com/Grant & Campbell

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