12 August 2009

Tucson's (In-)Famous No-Tel Motel

Well, what else can I say? What it lacks in amenities, it makes up for in honesty. Perhaps Governor Mark Sanford (and his microphone-loving wife, Jenny Sullivan Sanford), Nevada's Senator John Ensign, or former presidential hopeful John Edwards could keep this place in mind if they ever travel to Tucson. Hey, we won't tell ~ the sign promises that.

No-Tel Motel - maps.google.com2425 N Oracle Rd, Tucson - (520) 624-0980Directions and more »


  1. Amen! If the media didn't run to cover every sordid detail we would be a lot better off. And that Jenny Sanford...how many times does she have to run into media spotlight to tell the world that she wants privacy?
    Fun photo. Thanks.

  2. Never heard of Jenny,what's with the microphones?

  3. Hey Steffe,
    Oh it seems like every time Governor Sanford is quoted by reporters or makes a speech his wife, Jenny, is next in line to say something like, 'At this difficult time please respect our privacy' and then she appears on shows like Good Morning America (where she continues to ask for privacy). I think if she wants privacy she ought to BE private! My 2 cents.

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