01 August 2009

Tucson's Birthday Boy!

This may appear to be a defnite departure from my mission for this website ~ I want always to focus outward and celebrate what's new, fun, beautiful, and interesting about Tucson...but today is my Rottweiler's birthday and I want to celebrate by sharing his incredible story with you.

This great dog has achieved the heroic age of 12 years ~ despite the "best" veterinary neurological specialists in Phoenix telling me 10 years ago that with my dog's profound health problems he probably wouldn't live to see his 3rd birthday. So along with my wonderful Tucson vet, Dr. Jack Quick, and his fabulous staff at Pantano Animal Clinic, we have 12 candles on his birthday turkey burger today! I'm writing this to simply make the point that hope, love, and optimism are powerful medicines.

Happy birthday, Grizzly!


  1. Happy Birthday. I really mean it. I love dogs so I loved this story and I also love the idea behind his health. I wrote something similar on one of my blogs today. It is called Universal Health Care. http://abelincolnblogs.blogspot.com/ if you are interested.

    I lived in Tucson across from Davis Montham AFB in 1952 when that housing development was being built. A punk teenager who worked in window display for Levy's of Tucson, then downtown. I left in 1952 and have never been back. I panned for gold on Mt. Lemon and never got on top of A Mountain. I found gold too.

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  2. Happy birthday to Grizzly! I'm so happy for your family that he proved that vet neurologist wrong. You have a fantastic vet team!

    Welcome to the CDPB community! Love the two murals (the bus and the dragon slayer) among your recent posts. Don't you wish all bare concrete walls were painted like that? :)

  3. Happy 12th Birthday Grizzly!! It's your 'Auntie Lorna'! Wow...seems like only yesterday you were dragging your mom through prickly pear cactus and the like, chasing a quail or some other moving desert thing. I can't believe it's been 12 years already. But I knew with your Mom's love, you were going to hang in there for soooome time. And love has kept you strong. Keep on Woofin', Big Boy.