16 August 2009

Sunny Greeting ~ Rain or Shine

It's hard to miss this 12' tall smiling sun statue. This outdoor art piece is in a parking lot of a business that sells water and candles (go figure).

With an astonishing 360 sunny days per year, Tucson just recorded its 3rd warmest July ever. Here's some fascinating statistics from the National Weather Service Office:



  1. What do you all do on the five days when the sun is not shining?

    Water and candles, that is a bit odd.

  2. Actually that "360 sunny days" was a quote from the weather service folks. To me it seems like we have sun every day but, of course, that's not accurate. On the non-sunny days we have monsoon rain which is beautiful. This year we've actually had skimpy rain unfortunatey.

  3. Grateful for the blessed relief from the ubiquitous sunshine, we kneel, or assume the lotus position, in our favorite outdoor desert spot, face the east and Hummm or Ommmm! Depends on your level of re-incarnation.

    There's usually a good deal of chanting, drumming, tarot card reading, and idolizing of false gods. This is generally followed by(or perhaps powered by?), one too many mandatory tequila shots and a collective, temporary loss of sanity caused by our startled, sun-sieved brains.

    But finally, rational thinking resumes and brilliant discourse ensues on the idiocy of pundits, politicians and protesters, while we stuff ourselves giddy on delectable, old-world enchiladas with a side of rice and beans...oh, Nirvana...ya know, the usual stuff.

  4. Wow!...360 days of sunshine???

    That is definitely alot of sun...

  5. LA is hot and bright but Tuscon is hotter and brighter.