13 January 2010

Dr Volt's partner in crime ~ the Evil Queen

Here's the other side of the prison/tower that was posted yesterday. (Aren't these murals at Bookman's just fantastic?) As you know, the staff there has nicknames for all of the characters. Dr Volt is threatening Pip but it looks like she has even more problems. Making her own vile plan in the next room is the Evil Queen (a.k.a. Wendy according to staffers). Let's hope Hugh, the dragon slayer, arrives soon.

To see all the murals, click on the "Bookmans" label.

Bookman's is a true Tucson treasure - used & rare books, new books, wonderful collectibles, music and lots more.


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  1. I am so sorry to announce that these murals are a thing of the past. They have all been painted over in favor of music concert advertising. I am so sad about this - I thought the murals were marvelous!