08 January 2010

Thin Mints, anyone? Cookies on demand - wow!

When I was a Girl Scout we actually went door to door, rang the doorbells of strangers, and took cookie orders. Seems unbelievable nowadays! The newest thing to change in the way the Girl Scouts do business is that they have preordered thousands of boxes of cookies and you can simply... buy them! No preordering. No waiting. Cookies on demand kicks off tomorrow - Jan 9.

Mmmm... Thin Mints, Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs... so many yummy choices!

This photo is just a small portion of the great mural on the west wall of the Girl Scout headquarters on Broadway.



  1. Love the vibrant colors in the mural. I wonder if this will cheapen their brand. One of the attractions of GS cookies is their limited availability. Seems like this sort of marketing just makes them another commodity on the cookie aisle.

  2. I wondered the same thing. Here in Tucson several years ago there was a huge frenzy about Krispy Kremes when they announced they were coming to town (they were only in Phoenix - 2 hours away). I remember people attending mtgs in Phx would actually bring boxes of KK back to their Tucson offices! Then KK opened here, enjoyed long lines for awhile, went bankrupt. They just reopened here about 6 months ago. Yes, the "allure" of the rare product is effective. With GS cookies, I think this "on demand" is for a limited time. It just eliminates the ordering, waiting, etc.