14 January 2010

Celebrating Bioscience in Tucson ~

Today the team at sanofi-aventis (no capital letters) held the grand opening/ribbon cutting of their beautiful new facility on Innovation Park Drive. To say this research & development building is "state of the art" doesn't even come close to describing it. The site was designed to combine the best in green technology (it is LEED certified) while integrating the building into the surrounding landscape and masking/minimizing much of the necessary industrial fittings from view. (The nearby community appreciates it!)

Public art was an important component of the site and today's posting highlights the 28' high steel century plant designed by Joe Tyler. The agave stalk's 100 leaves represent Arizona's 100 years of statehood (coming up in 2012) and the 15 blooms represent Arizona's 15 counties. It is solar powered ~ I bet it's gorgeous at night! For more on Joe Tyler, go to: http://www.artistic-vision.com/

To read more about sanofi, the site builder, and what LEED certification means, here are the links:http://www.sanofi-aventis.us/live/us/en/index.jsp


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