12 January 2010

Tucson's Own Evil Wizard lives at Grant & Campbell ~

The fantasy murals that decorate the exterior east wall of Bookman's (Grant & Campbell) are so fun! Staffers have given all of the characters nicknames. Here the wizard (a.k.a. "Dr Volt") holds a lovely damsel prisoner. Her name? "PIP" (for "Pretty in Pink").

Bookman's is a great Tucson institution - used & new books, weird & wonderful collectible items, music & much more.

For the full range of these delightful murals, click on the label "Bookman's" at the bottom of this posting to see "Dragon Slayer," "Mr. Be-header," "Venus's Sister," and "Parthenon + "Pinto Bean."


  1. Now replaced by advertising for the Rialto Theatre, downtown Tucson. No more Wizardz or Dragons, Sunken Treasure or Encyclopedias--just brown paint and the concert of the month.

  2. I think that you are thinking of a different wall. These murals are at Grant & Campbell. And last time I drove by, they were still there looking great but I'll check again. Thanks!

  3. Hello, Anonymous. Yes, you are 100% correct about the fantasy murals at Bookmans. They are all gone, painted over, vanished. I'm sad about the loss of those murals and glad that I had a chance to display them here.