19 December 2013

Festive ears ~

On this dull grey and overcast day the Santa hats on Father Kino's horse are a nice festive contrast! Every year a mystery person decorates the horse's ears. Fun! 


  1. Sad to look at. I don't think the horse likes it much.

  2. Hey Abe - I think it's the cloudy day that makes him look glum.... (:

  3. Well, Father Kino's been riding that horse for a LONG time now, I expect he is rather tired and is looking for a stable next to an Inn :-)

    I really AM glad that the Santa ears have shown up, even on a cloudy, glum day. ...ha-ha, the clouds have won today, but look out for tomorrow!!

  4. P.S. How's the dinosaur looking at the McDonald's at Kolb and Grant?? (Now I've given you an excuse to drive around!)

  5. Hi Elizabeth, I am so sorry to tell you that the dinosaur is no longer dressed up for Christmas OR Halloween anymore! I LOVED seeing him in a ghost outfit or wearing a Santa hat. Maybe the franchise changed owners but Dino hasn't been decorated for a few years now. ):

    1. Thanks for letting me know...this is why I love photographs, they let the magic of the moment live on and on, no matter what is changed!

  6. Elizabeth, I know what you mean. Many photos I have posted over the years record something that is gone forever. I never intended this site to be any kind of "historical record" but it actually has become that. No more Bookman's magical kingdom mural, no more Palomino Plaza sculptures.... ):