21 December 2013

Tucson's Amazing Birdland (3 photos) ~

This is one of those "you have to see it to believe it" Tucson treasures! Bird lover Gayle (photo 3) has filled her corner lot with bird feeders of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Her yard attracts every type of local bird imaginable with delicious seeds and snacks to tempt the fussiest of avian visitors. Gayle gets her supplies from the Wild Bird Store on Ft Lowell.


  1. Kudos to Gayle, a true bird lover. PS. Enjoy the first day of winter!! This Saturday is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, marking our shortest daylight period and longest night of the year. Have a lovely week=end!

  2. Oh my! And I thought I had a lot of birds on my balcony!

  3. Hello Gayle, you and I are kindred spirits! I have a bird feeder at nearly every window and I have been known to go out in pouring rain to make sure my feathered friends have food!!

    Happy Winter Solstice, as Kate said earlier. The daylight hours will now grow longer....hurrahh!!