27 December 2013

Vivid Directional ~


This bold red sculpture really captures my imagination. If it is meant to be a metaphorical directional arrow, it does certainly indicate that there are many dead ends and unexpected corners to block progress before seeing the final arrow pointing skyward. Sorry - no attribution of artist or title of the piece was displayed - so annoying!


  1. I very much like your interpretation of this piece...an abstract and convoluted pathway! Who made it? What is it called? Aaarrrgh! I did a google search and found nothing. Where is it located? Could it be a logo?

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I searched the Pima Arts Council site which has a map of outdoor sculpture. Their Google map shows this space but it's empty so the map is out of date. This piece is on Grant just as it begins to turn into Kolb - across the street from the Costco.