04 December 2013

Santa was Created in Tucson!

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus and he was created in Tucson, AZ! Artist Haddon Sundblom created the well known and well loved image of Santa for the Coca Cola company. Sundblom was a frequent visitor to Tucson where he stayed at what is now known as the Westward Look Resort. Sundblom often used the resort owner's two daughters, Laci and Sancy Nason, as his models. In this painting Sundblom transformed little Sancy into a boy so that Coke would appeal to both boys and girls.To read more, click here.  


  1. Kudos to you for discovering this wonderful fact about Santa and Tucson!! I had never heard mention of it before! I know that Santa DID visit the desert because he ate all the cookies I left out, year after year and left delightful gifts :)

    Now, do you know what the cat found when she was in the desert?? Why, Sandy Claws, of course!