01 December 2013

My advice for the next 24 days ~

Some people probably DO enjoy the shopping malls at this time of year (or should I spell that "shopping mauls"?!). But not me! I'd rather be home baking some goodies to give as gifts than fighting the crowds. What was the best gift you have ever received?


  1. Best is hard to narrow and I can't!! When I was 17, money was tight, so my mom gathered $$ from relatives and friends to buy my first big-girl 3-speed bike...I was so happy, I rode it everywhere and still have it! (No, don't ride it, anymore)

    And my daughter conspired with her grandma to locate a DVD by Tasha Tudor . I was soooo surprised and pleased!!

    I guess to me, best gifts are the kind that have thought and love behind them!

    Goodness, so many memories are popping into my head...like lots of wonderful hand-made gifts :-)

    Back to you, Diane, what was your best gift?!!

    P.S. I don't do shopping mauls (good one!!) at Christmas either!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Like you, I can remember many great gifts - some total surprises, some hoped-for... But my childhood Barbie was by far the gift that I wanted the most and was the most excited to receive. I almost cried I was so happy! Ah, childhood!! (: