05 November 2015

Fall Foliage or Tasty Snack?

Perhaps these turtles are storing their leafy snacks on their backs to enjoy later! This bale of turtles lives at the Home Depot in Oro Valley. No, the store is not selling them - an employee takes care of them.
Photos courtesy of Sue Dodson.


  1. I have been "out of the loop" for awhile and missed many of your posts recently. Interesting that I should return and find turtles! A few days ago three men were arrested inMinnesota for have 3,000 lbs of turtle meat that they hunted out of season. Here is a little blurb about it: "Further investigation found that these turtles had been taken during the closed season, which in Minnesota is May and June, and were being held and sold by Ketter’s Meat Market.

    Each man has been charged with a misdemeanor. If found guilty, they face a sentence of 90 days in jail, a maximum fine of $1,000 or both."

    I know that turtle soup is supposedly delicious but have never had it.

  2. I've learned my fact for the day: a herd of turtles is called a bale! And when you're in a bale and you need some alone time you send the message "Leaf me alone, will ya?!" The message is recyclable (edible). Thanks for the photo, Sue. Glad these guys are protected from hunting/poaching, as Kate's comment talked about.

  3. Hi there, I can't even imagine how many turtles it takes to harvest 3,000 pounds of meat! What a story! And just a misdemeanor -- like jaywalking? jeez. Elizabeth- leaf me alone? How DO you come up with this stuff!?? (:

  4. Yes Elizabeth, I'm a turtle lover and not a fan of hunting them. I remember many years ago, they sold small turtles in the dime stores...I had one for a long time. I'm also a scuba diver and a lover of sea turtles.