22 November 2015

The Hitchcock Tree ~

I have named this tree in my neighborhood "The Hitchcock Tree" in honor of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, "The Birds." This tree never blooms but it isn't quite dead. And it always attracts birds that just sit on the bare branches. My puppy has taken to barking at these brooding birds and rather than fly away (which I think normal birds would do), they all just stare at us. It is a little creepy! (:


  1. Nice photo. Are those mourning doves?
    My dog, a pointer, was let out the other day. I didn't notice the flock of turkeys in the yard until they started flying. Some went into the trees, others on top of roofs. I think they know they are safe up in the trees.

  2. You had a flock of TURKEYS in your yard? I have never in my life seen a wild turkey! Wow! Yes, these are doves. I'm sure you are right. They don't view my Abby pup as a threat. But it is a little unnerving when they just stare at us!