21 November 2015

Mysterious Woman in Red ~

Here are a few more mysterious diners from the Tucson Train Depot murals. The woman in red is traveling alone - where might she be going wearing a dress like that? Hmmm.


  1. Considering that I found a 2x great-grandmother in the1880 census with an occupation listed as a prostitute-combined with a revealing red dress...I'll say a mining town in Northern California.

  2. You are AMAZING! Perhaps this is your grandmother depicted here!! (: Wow - did they really list that as an occupation? Fascinating. I just started doing research to find my father's family and found them, talked to them, but haven't uncovered any AMAZING facts yet. I'll keep digging! Fun!

    1. It really is listed as her occupation. There were 4 women living in the house...right next door to a policeman. Twenty years later I found a newspaper clipping advertising herself looking for a "refined elderly gentleman with means." Keep at it..I've found a Mayflower connection and much much more.