15 November 2016

Another Tucson Sky Sighting - Totally Different!

Well the gorgeous Super Moon is still shining large and bright over Tucson and now we have a huge amount of SMOKE in the Catalinas! Firefighters are doing a controlled burn on Mount Bigelow and the 200-acre burn area is smoldering like red hot embers lighting up the night.


  1. I saw the first photo and was worried by the smoke...thank goodness it's a controlled burn which is SO beneficial to the environment. Can you smell the smoke? Here in Mississippi we are in a severe drought and under a strict burn ban and all are cautioned not to light a fire, innocent as it might seem (small campfire. We haven't had rain in 6 weeks. Weird is an understatement!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! No, I couldn't smell the smoke but I could certainly see the burn! It's eerie looking up at the (usually) dark mountain and seeing the top of it glowing red!