01 November 2016

What's the punch line?

OK - a Scotsman, a Witch, and Agnes (from Despicable Me) go into a bar.....   These three great costumes are some of the Halloween costumes of my co-workers! FUN! 


  1. Love the huge grins and the fun -- super costumes!

    Possible punchline: They each say to the bartender: I'll have a Scotch, I'll have a Brew, and I'll have a One-in-a Minion! Oh no Agnes, says the bartender, but Gru can have that and you can have a yellow Twinkie. Ha!

    YES, there is a One in a Minion drink: go here and wait for the picture to upload! Colors are just like a Minion!

    Alternative punchline: Kirk: SCOTTY, BEAM YOURSELVES UP IMMEDIATELY!!

    1. Elizabeth! You are, as always, totally amazing and witty and wonderful! You never fail to make me laugh. Thank you! (: