04 November 2016

Tucson Sky's Wormhole?

Just as a tremendous storm was brewing I spotted this patch of blue sky for just a moment before it closed up. Perhaps it was a wormhole above Tucson, AZ?  And if you look closely at the bottom picture isn't that a Klingon Bird of Prey? Is it exiting or entering the Wormhole? All this right above my house!  (smile) 


  1. Definitely a Bird of Prey! Klingons forever!

  2. You have of course notified Star Fleet of this spectre?? Oh, yes, I had a suspicion that you have been scanning the skies for anomolies and transmitting the information to the proper authorities. Identifying a wormhole confirms this. You blend into this earth time very nicely, especially by choosing your work environment...well done :) !!

  3. Yes, it's true, Elizabeth. I have been observing human behavior on Earth for decades! And I am constantly amazed at what new things people do! (smile)