17 November 2016

Bear no more ~

17 November 2009

The Mystery of the Tucson Grizzly Bear ~ 

When I began doing this site in 2009 I never planned (or expected) it to be a chronicle of Tucson's ever-changing landscape. Over the years I have posted photos of murals that have subsequently been removed, buildings that have been torn down, and businesses that have closed. This fierce bear no longer guards the tile store - the store has been closed now for a long time. Here is the original posting:

So driving along 22nd Street I spotted this little picket fence box on wheels that holds a fierce grizzly bear. A plume of colorful balloons adds that "je ne sais quoi" to the whole tableau. He serves as the mascot for a local tile company.


  1. It's fun to see how our images document the changes of our cities that can easily be forgotten or overlooked

  2. I wonder if there are photos out there of the old airplane that used to sit at the corner of Grant & Country Club for no apparent reason.


  3. Hi David! I don't remember that plane. I moved to Tucson in 1995 - was it before that?

  4. Not sure when it was removed, but it was definitely there in the early 1990s and maybe until the late '90s.

  5. More about the plane: