01 November 2009

Javelina Cantina ~ buffet!

A herd of enterprising javelina foraged in my front yard last night. They attempted to steal a pumpkin I had on the porch but they dropped it as they fled. Check out the hoof prints! If you don't know about javelina (pronounced HAVA-lina), check out this interesting link & see a photo of these peccaries. They are common around Tucson and they can get BIG! I am surprised I didn't hear them snuffling around as they knocked pots over and ate a lot of my flowers. Bon appetit!



  1. An interesting point: within Tucson city limits, traveling all over through our system of washes (usually dry riverbeds) are at least 50 documented herds of Javelena.

  2. Thanks for that interesting tidbit! I'm going to try and "catch them in the act" with my camera the next time they are eating my plants!