10 November 2009

Tucson's All Souls Parade, Flam Chen & more...

Tucson's All Souls Procession is now in its 20th year! What started as a performance piece by an artist who was mourning the death of her father has now grown to a creative celebration that attracts tens of thousands of participants, revelers, and spectators.

It was very hard to choose which photos to post! The 4 shown here are: Flam Chen, Blue Bison Head, VW Peace Van, and the Giant Skull Twins. Tomorrow I will post more so check back!

A 2-mile long human procession winds through downtown Tucson and ends with a ritualistic burning of a large urn filled with written wishes, hopes, and prayers and a finale by the fabulous Flam Chen troupe. The All Souls Procession is a celebration and mourning of the lives of our loved ones who have passed.

Many Mouths One Stomach (manymouths.org), a non-profit arts collective based in Tucson, AZ, organizes the event.

Photos courtesy of Mark Wight.



  1. Oh wow. That looks and sounds like so much fun! Yet also very meaningful.

  2. Yes, it is really a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of those we love who are no longer with us. And it is powerful to share that mixture of grief and spectacle with so many others.