13 November 2009

What has the lovely Lucretia been up to?

On September 2nd I posted the first photos of the lovely Lucretia, a desert tortoise who had just been adopted. Here's a follow up to how she is doing ~ you can see her in her bunker habitat.

According to Jerry, one of her human caregivers, Lucretia is ready to settle in for a 4-5 month hibernation. Her favorite food is prickly pear cactus fruit. She also loves Lancito kale and eats it right out of his hands. Lucretia's next favorite snack is Bermuda grass. Jerry says, "She's a good reminder to us to slow down and be in the moment...she does that so well!"

To learn more about how you can adopt a Desert Tortoise, click here:

And if you have an extra minute, do also check out the posting of August 10 for a photo of a HUGE Desert Tortoise in Tucson - a remarkable creature indeed!
Photo courtesy of Jerry Weinert.

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