06 November 2009

A message to my friends & web visitors ~

The beautiful sentiment that is displayed on this mosaic bench is so simple. The bench serves as a lovely resting spot within the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

The message is:
"Friendship, I think, is the choicest flower that grows in nature's garden. It will always flourish if watered by truth, guarded by sincerity and shaped by the gentle boughs of virtue."

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Tucson Botanical GardensTucsonbotanical.org(520) 326-9686


  1. What a beautiful place!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend you too!:-)

  2. I just heard from a friend who lives in Connecticut and she says HER weekend temps might be in the 30's! Brrrrr! Right now it's 70 degrees in Tucson and we're getting ready for our fabulous annual Day of the Dead parade. Watch for photos of it next week!

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