24 February 2013

A drive you'll never forget ~

For all of you who love the Desert Museum, I am thrilled to share these photos from earlier this week that  take you along on the snowy drive from Tucson to the Museum grounds. Driving west on Speedway you navigate along a very curvy roadway that takes you through Gates Pass. Check out the forest of saguaros in the snow! Once you arrive on the property you see the venerable Desert Ark blanketed in snow and the front patio benches and trees similarly frosted. Last, a peek through an office window that perfectly captures the beauty and the serenity of the snowstorm. Enjoy!
Photos courtesy of Camille Pons.


  1. Gorgeous! I would never make that mountainous drive in the snow but I loved looking at it.

  2. Fantastic photos, Camille!


  3. Thanks for sharing my drive on your website and for the compliments everyone. My iPhone has opened up photography again for me.

  4. Dear Camille, thank you for sharing these wonderful desert snow photos!! I feel like I was driving right along with you...I have always loved the look of a snow covered saguaro because it is so, so rare :) The sun made everything shimmer.