04 February 2013

Too much beer, yesterday, big bear?

Oh boy - looks like a little too much Superbowl fun!
This is one of Reid Park Zoo's two Andean bears. I don't know if this is Worf or Lucy but whichever one it is, it was definitely siesta time. Soft grass, warm sun, and a rock for a pillow.... dreamland! To learn more about the zoo's Andean bear, click here.


  1. Nap where you fall down!!

    I can be obsessive about researching things that catch my eye, so I went to the Reid Zoo site to read more about Worf and Lucy. It was the name Worf that intrigued me, knowing that was the name of the Klingon on the Star Trek: Next Generation series. On the Zoo site I learned that Worf was born in Dec. 1992 and from the IMDB site, I found that The Next Generation series ran from 1987 to 1994, so I believe that whomever named this sweet bear was most probably a Star Trek fan...Worf is a most unusual name!!

    This was fun to do!

  2. Yes, when I heard the name I assumed the bear was Star Trek-related. Thanks for the research! Worf is one of my favorite characters on that show. And Deanna's mother never failed to call him Mr Woof. (: