26 February 2013

Flowers to go ~

The Mayfield Florist shop is located in a building that was once a pharmacy or a bank with a drive up window. They don't actually use the window (inside it's just a display area) but it's an interesting concept, don't you think? For that guy running a little late to pick up his girlfriend... just drive up, get your flowers, and you're on your way! Maybe I'm onto something here....


  1. Actually I think you ARE onto something. Why don't they open up that window for exactly the kind of customer you describe? huh.

  2. if that is on tucson blvd near elm, it was a pharmacy. I grew up a few blocks from there and I used to go up and get popsicles. I asked the pharmacist for a reference when I applied to pharmacy school.Too bad there aren't many pharmacies like that anymore.
    Kathy from Boston

  3. Hello Kathy from Boston! THANKS for letting us know the real story about this building. Yes, it is exactly where you remember. Mayfield Florist is considered to be one of the best florists in town. Thanks for stopping by!