03 February 2013

Ancient and armor-plated ~

This female rhinoceros looks so amazingly ancient! And for all of her massive bulk it seems to me like her feet are rather small to support all of that weight. The rhino's name is Yebonga and she was born in 1973. She lives in Tucson's Reid Park Zoo. Did you know that a group of rhinos is called a "crash?" To read and learn more about Yebonga, click here. 


  1. So the Reid Park Zoo is a "crash site" then? LOL. (: Happy Sunday!

  2. Looking pretty good for a Rhino at almost 40 years old, just a few rather large wrinkles in the armour!!

    **grin**, at the 'crash site' by anonymous! If I was naming a herd of rhino, I might have called it a CRUSH!