11 February 2013

Lazy, Lounging Monday ~

The Reid Park Zoo has two beautiful tigers - a male and a female. Sita, the female, lounges in her hammock. Baheem, the male, poses for a picture perfect portrait. To learn more about the zoo's tigers, click here.


  1. That looks really nice. I'd sure like to be resting like that today!

  2. They're like a Hollywood couple...He's gorgeous and she's stunning!! (And you are the paparazzi, lucky you :-) )

  3. Elizabeth - you are right! They ARE rather glamorous! Walking around the zoo is just a delight. When you next visit Tucson you have to feed the giraffes!!!

  4. What a fun idea!! I'm really enjoying your photo-walk around the Zoo and seeing the new exhibits since I was last there...hope the polar bears are having a good time!!

  5. Sorry to tell you that the zoo no longer has polar bears. ):

    1. Awwwwww...it was always fun to watch them playing in their BIG swimming pool and imagine what they thought about being in the 'arctic desert'! Hmmm, maybe the otters are still there? They had a little pool to play in.
      Ha, as a former desert rat I'm ALWAYS drawn to a water exhibit!!