01 February 2013

Our latest WINNER!

Ah - here's the right way to start off the cold and dreary month of February -- I'm happy to share with you the warm smile of our latest "Where is it?" contest winner! Meet Elizabeth who hails from New Albany, Mississippi but who once lived in sunny Tucson. She was the first to identify the beautiful downtown headquarters building of Wells Fargo Bank. Top shot is  an homage to our wonderful and dramatic big horned ram featured on the t-shirt. Bottom is, of course, Elizabeth. CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. It's a great feeling to be the winner of this terrific T-shirt! Thank you for this delightful introduction, and for posting congradulations on this day, the first day of my Birthday Month!!! A great present. I know Tucson will be warming up soon, getting ready for Rodeo Days :-)

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for sending the photo of your fun interpretation of the dramatic ram! I'm glad you like the shirt! It is a definite conversation starter...