18 August 2013

"Be on the Lookout" Notice for Guests ~

Here is just one of the sets of hand-painted tiles that are affixed to the exterior eastern walls of the Westward Look Resort. They give visitors a glimpse of what creatures might be spotted on the 80-acre property. This set displays Javelina, Coyote, Grey Fox, and Mountain Lion. 


  1. Did you happen to go all the way up to the gallery on the top of the original part of the building? There is a lovely view and gallery up there. We only discovered it by chance once when we were over in the gift shop.

  2. Hi Roberta! Yes, I did and I'll post some of those photos. They have created a little joke up there with one of the doors - maybe you remember..... If not, you'll see!

  3. I don't remember offhand so I look forward to your pictures!