21 August 2013

Tinaja Gallery ~ (4 photos)

Westward Look Resort's Tinaja Gallery (means vessel or clay pot) is a mini museum of the region's natural history. Displayed are seed pods, baskets, cacti samples, butterflies, bugs, rocks, and even animals - a stuffed kit fox and a skinned blacktailed rattlesnake, among others! Very interesting display they have assembled to give their guests a flavor of the desert.


  1. What a wonderful little natural history museum! I saw something I recognized, but couldn't recall their names. They are the several black/grey plant skeletons at the front of the long table and they kind of look like a stick with horns. I googled my question and found out they are called (as I now remember)Devil's Claw! Occassionally I would find some out in the desert but they are rare. They're highly desired by crafters because,by adding some feathers, they can be turned into bird sculptures :-) Try googling it, ha!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Yes, you are correct. (Isn't Google amazing?) A friend who used to work at Tucson Botanical Gardens gave me one and during the fall I put it in with my pine cones and seed pods on my hall table. It DOES look like a bird!

  3. If the guests are not from the Southwest this display would be welcomed; love it when education is at the heart of a display.