20 August 2013

Some local humor ~ 2 photos

The Westward Look Resort's second floor houses the charming Tinaja Gallery (more on that tomorrow). One of the room's doors displays a sign encouraging visitors to open the door and find the fail safe way to find water in the desert. Yep, I fell for it!


  1. I would have also! Enjoying your photos of the resorts!

  2. Hahaha! I don't remember seeing that. Very cute!

  3. Your photo trip (4 us!) around these wonderful, vintage western resorts has been wonderful!

    Ha!! What a jokester someone at Westward Look is...I'd have fallen for it too, expecting what?? I saw the mask on the wall first and thought maybe here was the ancient, secret Rain Dance of the Anasazi!!

    Instead it is the quintisential office water cooler...which perhaps DID originate in the Kivas of the villages!!