13 August 2013

Wild horse ~

For the last few days I've been showing you around the beautiful Hacienda del Sol resort. Not only is the building architecture interesting, the grounds, too, offer some surprises. Here is a life size horse sculpture created from....horse shoes!


  1. This is stunning! It opens a whole new meaning to "repurposing"...used horseshoes which are traditionally nailed above a door for good luck...and this artist has created the entire horse, by skillfully welding round objects into a 3-D sculpture. I can see it's personality; alert to something in the distance and a back leg shifted forward as if it stopped in mid-stride...this artist knows horses!! I LOVE it!!

  2. I found something wonderful around every corner! Glad you are enjoying this "tour" of Hacienda del Sol!

  3. Somebody is very imaginative and talented.