02 August 2013

Desert Treasure ~ Desert Tortoise

Rescued from the street, this handsome fellow (lady?) will be transported to the Desert Museum to enter their Tortoise Adoption Program. I would love to offer my backyard as a new home but with 2 dogs, that would not be an ideal home for this handsome creature. To learn more about adopting a Desert Tortoise, click here.


  1. Thanks for rescuing this beautiful reptile of the desert...my mom found one in a city alley many years ago and it was quite small. She took care of it for many years (there wasn't a tortoise adoption program at the time) and it was part of the family, often coming up to the sliding screen back door and digging at it to try to open it to let her know he/she was hungry for the Kale lettuce treat! His name was Toby. One winter he went into hibernation in a deep hole in the backyard and didn't wake up in the spring. Toby is missed!

  2. P.S. You are right NOT to try to raise the one you've found with 2 dogs in the backyard! His life will be a very long and well managed one at the Desert Museum!