07 January 2014

Cure for the winter blues ~

While much of the country battles snow, Tucson still has flowers blooming! Well, colorful metal ones at least. You can find Yogi, an entrepreneurial metal worker, parked most weekends on the corner of Speedway and Houghton with his blooming bouquets and much more fun yard art.


  1. These are gorgeous! And can't you just see the tag that would be on them at a Plant Nursery store?: 100% drought tolerant, does fine in FULL sun or DEEP shade, plate-size blooms all year round, all color choices. A true Perrennial. No pruning, no dead-heading. Can be easily transported to a different location. No shovel needed.

    Yogi has the idea!!

  2. Wow - And you, Elizabeth, you should write Yogi's sales brochure!!! (: