22 January 2014

Tucson's Unusual Orange Trees ~

Driving around the Tucson Convention Center area I spotted these wacky orange structures adjacent to the bus shelters. I can't find any mention of them as a public art project and am guessing maybe they are solar panels. You can see "A" mountain in the background ~


  1. Tucson English 101, choose the correct sentence:
    1. There is a mountain in the background.
    2. There is "A" mountain in the background.


    Those ARE wacky orange structures...of course any structure that doesn't make shade is wacky! Hope you're right on the solar panel idea.

  2. Elizabeth~!
    Clever, clever! But you know that no one would call it "The A Mountain."
    Here's a limerick to finish: There once was a mountain named "A".... (: