17 January 2014

Tucson moon-on-roof and rising ~

The Tucson sky with its big moon has been astonishing! I couldn't resist trying to capture it sitting on my neighbor's roof as it was rising. And the second photo is just down the street a tiny bit where there is a break between the houses. Beautiful!


  1. I find it so amazing that you and I, 1200 miles apart, were looking at the very same amazing moon.

    Oh and Tee-hee, it looks like two moons in that first photo...were you on Tatooine, by chance and was Luke with you?! I hear a theme song in the background :)

  2. Elizabeth - Thanks for noticing the twin moons effect! (: And I'd much rather be with Hans than Luke!!!

    1. Such excellent taste you have, Diane! Han is the bad-boy pirate of the galaxy...stole MY heart years ago!!