21 January 2014

Tucson Igloo ~

We don't get snow very often in Tucson. For those of us who kind of miss snow (occasionally!), we can always visit this Bardiglio marble igloo at the north side of the Tucson Museum of Art's complex. The piece is actually titled, "Dune," and is by Japanese artist Kenji Umeda.


  1. Ha, I like your wording: "kind of miss snow, occasionally"! Not committing to wanting snow, but wouldn't hate it, if it was melted by the next day...which is exactly what would happen!

    A marble igloo never melts :-)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! We also have Mt Lemmon a short drive away if we hanker for snow. And it is the southern-most ski area in the United States! Imagine that - snow skiing in the morning and dining-outdoors-on-the-patio in the evening!

  3. I'm in the middle of a snowstorm here in Boston. Latest predictions 6-10 inches. Won't be building any igloos. Staying cozy by the wood burning stove reading and knitting.

  4. Kathy - that sounds very cozy and nice! Add some hot cocoa to that scene!