24 January 2014

Happy Hour Extraordinaire!

The very famous El Charro cafe has several locations around town but the original one downtown on Court Street is definitely the best. They have a lively happy hour (margarita, anyone?) and a charming open air patio bar, Toma, beside the main restaurant. Cheers!


  1. Love, love, love that place. They do have better food than all the rest. And believe me, we have tried all the rest.:)

    1. Agreed! There are SO many Mexican restaurants in town but this one is still - my favorite!

  2. YES, I'd love a margarita at this place!!

    Remember the "orange tree" picture you showed a few days ago, with "A" mountain in the background? Well, you began a limerick and I was compelled to try to finish it...here's my attempt:

    There once was a mountain named "A",
    The "A" made of big stones and clay.
    Painted bright white,
    It reflected sunlight:
    A beacon of pride is this "A"!

    Ha-ha! Now for that margarita, at sunset over the "A"!

  3. Elizabeth - I KNEW you would finish it! Fun! Brilliant! (: