05 January 2014

Landscaped and ready!

So a few days ago I posted the gingerbread house that I was working on. I finished it with a peppermint fence, snow dusted pine trees and snow on the roof. This was a super fun project! Lastly I will spray it with varnish, carefully store it, and unpack it in 11 months. Wow - nothing like starting a project very late and acting like I'm just planning ahead.... (:


  1. Sounds like a logical plan for 2014 holidays!

  2. So in keeping with this 'planning ahead' idea, on Christmas Eve, 2014, you'll begin building your next house...for Christmas 2015?! And so forth and so forth...it'll become a tradition and you'll have a village :-)

    Glad you had such fun making this!

  3. Elizabeth.... um, yes. (: