30 January 2017

Low and Loud ~

Here's another view of the Owls Club Cocktail Bar (see yesterday's post also). This seating area may be a former viewing room of the old funeral home. The very low lighting and loud music made for an odd combination. 


  1. I have to confess that the photos give me chills! It's a bit macabre given the history of the place. Not that I mind macabre (love Halloween), but using this as a bar,hmmm. I went to the online Owl's site and saw more photos and comments where someone notes that the "spirits" are what the bartender puts in you glass. I think your friend expressed it correctly by thinking it "smelled depressing". The decor certainly doesn't appear enlivening...bwahahaha ha :)

  2. It WOULD be a good place for a Halloween party! The other thing about it that seemed odd is that they do not serve food. Just alcohol. That would make for a short night for me!!