23 January 2017

Who Knew??

So while we were waiting in Walgreens for my prescription to be ready we strolled the aisles to see what we could find. I knew that Walgreens sells some food items but WHO KNEW that Spam now has a "lite" formulation? Less fat, less sodium, fewer calories.....  no mention of taste, though. We also spotted Spam Teriyaki style.... kind of scary! 

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  1. And here is more than you ever thought existed about "The Facts of Spam" thanks to Susan Dodson, our intrepid site sponsor! THANKS! Wow.

    Today, there are 13 different varieties of Spam — classic, less sodium, lite, hot & spicy, Black Pepper, Jalapeño, spread, singles, singles lite, hickory smoke, bacon, cheese, and roasted turkey. The Jalapeño and Black Pepper selections were introduced for Spam’s 75th anniversary.